"Released" features several agencies, organizations and individuals that have been working in the field of reentry for some time now. While the film could only include but so many perspectives on this issue in a 45-minute timeframe, the variety of voices featured in this documentary are simply a few of many. The hope is to display the multi-level partnerships and needed roles we all can play to promote successful reentry, restore families, equip communities, reduce recidivism, and increase public safety. The most important voices however, are those with the lived experience of successful reintegration into their communities after incarceration.

In Order of Appearance

U.S. Attorney John A. Horn
Governor Nathan Deal
Roderick Johnson
Eric Girault
Denny Chow
Keith Strickland
Colleen Higgins
Omar Howard
Elizabeth "Lisa" Brewer
Desiree Lee
Doug Ammar
Rev. Howard Beckham
Nicholas Sherlock Holmes
Bob Jackson
Angela Marshall
Jeff Hackney
Khalil Davis
Deputy Warden Wilson
Ivan Gallegos-Vega
Ronald Taite
Scott Shelar
Edwin Parra
Nakia Melecio
Rev. Anthony A.W. Motley